Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gift from the Sea

Three years ago, my youngest son, gave me a beautiful silver plated starfish pendant for Christmas.  It is not only a beautiful pendant, but was also a very thoughtful gift. He knew his momma's favorite store and hand picked this starfish for me.  I loved it!  However, it sat on my work table until recently because I wanted to do something extra special with it. The finished necklace is a collection of treasures including mother of pearl flowers, mother of pearl starfish, seashells, a vintage reflector (reminds me of ocean bubbles), lamp work flowers, Swarovski glass pearls, vintage glass beads, artisan pottery, vintage Japanese head pins, wire mesh ribbon and the silver plated starfish.  My son was pleased which is the most important thing. It is definitely a statement piece that I love and will wear with joy because of its story.

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