Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's Reveal Day

Honored....I am honored to be among the participants many of which I have been inspired by to push my limits of comfort to create something uniquely mine. You are an immensely talented group!

Thrilled...I was thrilled to receive my bead soup.  Kate Dufour, is my bead soup partner.  She stirred the pot with a beautiful blue soup with green pearls and silver accents.  They are colors that aren't my go to colors. The beads were beautiful and dainty but I usually work with chunkier components. I was immediately inspired by the beautiful blue and green herringbone lampwork focal bead that Kate sent.

Challenged...I was challenged by those gorgeous tiny green pearls.  In the end, I used every single one and loved them!

Inspired....I was inspired by this experience to create for the fun of creating.  Too often, creating has become creating for sale with careful cost considerations and thereby limiting the creative process.  During this challenge, I dug deep into the stashes...the ones where I stashed the pieces that were a bit pricey and reserved.  I was inspired to create special pieces for me.  Sounds silly but I rarely create for myself.


Here is my bead soup.

Buttoned Up!  My first piece constructed with a  Lisa Peters Art Focal flower and button layered with vintage Antique brass filigree. The gorgeous lampwork focal bead sent by my bead soup partner, Kate and a trio of leaves dangling. The back is finished with green deerskin leather from Tracee 
Dock of The Classic Bead.  Tiny brass, steel cut and enameled antique Demi buttons from my personal stash complete this design.  

English Rose!  This piece features a vintage rose brooch  with a sapphire stone center.  It is a piece that I had in my stash.  It is accented by vintage German glass beads in pretty Montana blue from my stash which I had purchased from Heather DeSimone, lovely crystal accented flower connectors provided by Kate(loved these) and antique silver chain.  Those beloved tiny green pearls and some more green soup beads are woven in.  The back of the necklace feature faceted gems and the toggle from my soup mix.

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